D800 Amazing action photos by Fred Miranda

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Re: D800 Amazing action photos by Fred Miranda

No need to wait - it here already - its called the Red Epic-X - 5K video (5120×2700) at 100 fps.

In fact, the earlier version of the camera with 4K video has already been used in 2010. Be sure to check out the video...borderline NSFW.

chipmaster wrote:

Now 30FPS at full 18Meg would be nice... wait two more generation of chips and we'll be there for both memory capacity and buffer capability

cluna wrote:

chipmaster wrote:

Sure great anticipation with AF-ON and AFC etc. etc and great anticipation can yield results. Having the flexibility of higher frame rate is even better, now is it 3K better is an interesting question I'm noodling at the moment Willing to come away with 1-3 shots of the moment timed by my judgement or 10 shots a few tenth's earlier and during that moment?

Fortunately, you will never be wiser to an image that may have been since you will never see it!


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