How many pics a month do you take ?

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Sammy Yousef
Sammy Yousef Veteran Member • Posts: 4,604
Don't listen to any of the trolls

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for actually using the camera! Shoot as many as you want.

Like many others the numbers I shoot vary wildly. From none to several thousand (often over a 2 day period). For example I typically come back from an airshow with a couple of thousand shots. If I am photographing my kids at the park I may shoot anything from 20 to 600 - especially if it's action on a bike or scooter.

By the way I hate the term "spray and pray" which thankfully I seem to hear less these days. Do people expect you to pray without taking photos? That's one heck of a powerful prayer that makes images you never took appear on your camera.

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