Nikon needs to FIRE employees related to D4/D800/E Release

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Re: Nikon needs to FIRE employees related to D4/D800/E Release

JeffWu wrote:

Let me explain some basic economics to people

I'm on the edge of my seat now...:)

right now, Nikon is facing what's called a shortage of the quantity demanded of D4s/D800s/Es. What will soon happen is that Nikon will begin to see a shift of fundamental demand, as potential customers seek alternatives.

1) That suggests alternatives being available. Right now no other manufacturer produces a comparable 36MP camera

2) It isn't like not having a new camera is a life/death situation or render a photographer without income....... Most buyers of D4/D800 camera will allready have a pro/prosumer grade camera, and while waiting is annoying for everybody, it isn't like the current camera suddenly produces bad results. While reading forums like this would almost make you think otherwise, in real life, current cameras will this produce the same excellent results as they did the last years...

Maybe just a few users who threw their D700 in the trash the moment they ordered the D800 will have an issue.. Or maybe a few first time buyers will indeed get a MarkIII.

For the rest, every single camera that is produces is sold instantly. That itself is quite an achievement for 3-6000euro cameras....

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