Wrong Forum. Clear the air?

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Re: Wrong Forum + Off Topic (See Rules)

nevada5 wrote:

lmtfa wrote:

One of the biggest complainers of "Wrong Forum" rule and yet you break two posting rules. Not even a mea culpa but a justification of your attitude.

"Off Topic - Please keep all non-photography-related messages to the Off Topic forum. Off Topic messages (considered those not directly related to digital photography) may be moved to the Off Topic forum or deleted if posted in one of the main forums. Repeated posting of Off Topic messages in the wrong forums can lead to a ban."

Please feel free to point out an example of where I complained. Once again, the intent is important (helping, or hurting). I believe that steering someone in the right direction is helping. When you posted here (quoted above) what was your intent?

Anyone can click on your name and see at least 6 chastising members. My intent was for you to follow your own advise. Next time someone posts a question maybe you will think twice before you insult them. Like, answer their question and then point out the correct forum.

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