ZS3 owners.....comparison to the Sony HX20V..

Started May 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jinwons Senior Member • Posts: 1,043
Re: ZS3 owners.....comparison to the Sony HX20V..

I also think his ZS3 could have done better than those samples unless it's a defective one. Especially the clock one wasn't focused right. But ZS3~ZS7 struggle from ISO 800 indoors. So it's no wonder HX20V trumps it there.

I have ZS7 and ZS15. ZS15 easily handles ISO 800~1000 shots indoors, much better than ZS7. But ZS7 outdoor image sharpness is slightly better than ZS15. That is with NR setting lowered in ZS7 and there is way to adjust that in ZS15. I'm very curious how ZS15 vs HX20V turns out. I haven't seen direct comparison of them yet.

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