Is it easier to clean the sensor in newer cameras?

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David Lal Forum Pro • Posts: 10,567
Re: Invisible bunnies?

Suntan wrote:

David Lal wrote:

No disrespect intended but I always wonder when people make this type of claim whether they are incredibly lucky or not discerning enough to notice the dust bunnies. Perhaps you are not into the kind of photography where the bunnies will show up, for instance flying birds or planes against a bright sky and an aperture of say F11 or smaller?


No disrespect back at you, but if that were the case, I'd never have occasion to need a wet wipe of the D70...

Anyway, you see any bunnies...?

No, none at all and those are some great images, especially the one of the blue jets which is my favourite. Those are indeed the kind of pictures where dust would show up if present. I still use a D70 and can almost guarantee having to clean the sensor every couple of months or so even though I am very careful changing lenses and very fast too.

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