What lenses to take to the hospital for the birth of my first child

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Re: What lenses to take to the hospital for the birth of my first child

Fotoloco wrote:

Just take the 50 and no flash. there will be plent of light. That is all I did and have a few of my most treasured shots ever. Every once in a while my 6 yr old will say "daddy - let's look at the pictures of me when I was just an itsy bitsy".

You are going to be overwhelmed (first time u hold em is...well u will see), so don't overdo it with the photography. capture a few moments and just enjoy the rest.

and whatever u do, pay proper attention to the wife.

It makes me laugh to think about it. During one of lulls in my wifes labor, I was playing with the camera and not paying attention to her. She, who is super sweet and never says boo to anybody suddenly bites off a very harsh "will u put that GD camera down, get me some ice, and rub my back for Christ sake"...uhm...yes dear...going for ice now dear...

And don't announce that you are hungry and will be running down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Not well-received by woman who is not allowed to eat!

You may also want to think of an auto setting for your camera (or bringing another camera with an auto setting) as a nurse will usually offer to take a photo of Mom, Dad & newborn. You don't want to have to teach someone how to use a DSLR on manual but you will want a photo of yourself and new family. Well, even if you don't, your wife and your parents will. GOOD LUCK & have fun!

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