Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

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We all know, Canon is in a "We are F%$#@ed" position. This is a really interesting position that Canon is in. On one hand, this light leak issue is really a non-issue, and I am a Nikon guy. Based of what I have read and my limited experience with an employees 5D3, this light leak thing is some sort of fodder perpetrated by either Nikon loyalists or guys that bought the 5D3 and can't pay the credit card bill. So, what does Canon do, rock and a hard place, they can't win on this. Ignore it, and every jack leg that takes a crap photo with their 5D3 is screaming defect, or address it and make it right. Financially, Canon did what the bottom line dictated, they chose to fix this with a piece of tape. Was it the right thing to do? Yes, it took care of the light leak "problem" but in reality created more problems for them.

In my opinion, Canon should have towed the hard line and said the light leak was within manufactured specs then not comment on it, and it would have gone away. But now they are between a rock and a hard place.

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