DSLR for shooting video?

Started Apr 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Alphoid Veteran Member • Posts: 5,333

GH2, overall, has a user interface designed with video in mind. It's quite slick, and is my #1 choice for video. Sony is more-or-less useless for video. No audio levels. That makes it impossible to get good audio. It's sort of okayish if you buy a Beachtek adapter with AGC disable, but... The Sony UI is not anywhere close to on par with the GH2. The video quality out of the GH2 also appears to beat the a77; haven't compared to NEX 5N, but I suspect GH2 is better there too.

All the Nikons I've used had crap video, but I've only used up to the D5000 era, and they're supposed to have improved substantially.

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