My buddy got his D800 - This Canon guy is JEALOUS!

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Re: My buddy got his D800 - This Canon guy is JEALOUS!

I switched over, but from Sony... from Nikon, from Minolta, from Olympus, with a dose of Canon mixed in there. I don't think switching systems is all that painful or difficult.

And the D800 is the most splendid camera I have owned or handled. The resolution never ceases to amaze me. Bringing it out on the prairie--it's like taking every blade of grass home with you.

prohidium wrote:

I am a Canon guy, 5Dm2, 7D and a bunch of L glass. My buddy is a Nikon guy, D3x, D3s and a bunch of Nikon glass.

We both do a lot of studio stuff but also just do a lot of anything. We always have the usual Nikon vs. Canon banter but deep down I always noticed a slight edge in the Nikon DR and chalked it up to the difference between a full on pro series vs. my Canon "semi-pro" series.

The D800 just changed all of that.

We took the D800 out of the box, popped on some decent glass and took a few shots of a street sign across the street....the result was wholly f.... look at the resolution!

We took a few more shots and then I got out my 5Dm2 to compare. No comparison to the D800.

We took it to the studio.

We are both absolutely blown away at the quality, resolution, sharpness, contrast, detail, you name it.....we are talking superb everything - except that we found the white balance to be a tad on the blue side.

So, this has really got me rethinking my canon position. This is real. I have seen it first hand now. I think I can now stomach the cost of switching against the reward of the better quality of the d800.


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