UV filter to protect the lens?

Started May 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
inteliboy Regular Member • Posts: 117
Re: UV filter to protect the lens?

Agreed, it's personal preference, just like most things with photography. Really it's impossible to notice any loss of quality unless lights or the sun/moon are hitting the lens (every filter you stack on the front of the lens will give you an extra "reflection" for light to bounce off - causing extra flares).

Though for a bit of advice:

If you're using a lens hood, don't bother. On my x100, the lens hood is the perfect protection.

No lens hood? Yes, get a protective filter.

Personally I'd scrap the the lens hoods and throw on an ND filter for daylight / clear protective filter for night. I don't really like the look of perfectly polished shots and rather a bit of flare to hit the lens. Anything unexpected & gritty is a good thing in the modern world of super-clean WYSIWYG digital cameras.

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