How many pics a month do you take ?

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Re: Good for you!

Ignore those morons. Inspired my ass. Do you believe professional photographers are "inspired" 1000s of times a day for all their work? (No I mean "pro" as in people who are consistently good enough to be paid. Not just morons who charge an arm and leg for crap they produce) If something doesn't work, they have to make it work. Not sit around on their ass waiting for that "inspired" one image. They keep shooting, try different angles, try all possibilities, and see what can be improved while reviewing photos.

Just keep shooting. Good photos, bad photos. Just keep shooting. The important thing is to be self critical. There are just as much to learn from bad photos as from good photos.

Also make no excuses. If a shot is boring/bad, it's you. Not the circumstance, not the setup, not the "wrong" lens". If you are good enough, every one of those 1000 images should be good photos. There's something to be taken everywhere, any time of the day with any lens/gear. It's up to you to find it. (No inspiration is just one of the excuses btw.)

At least that's my view.

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