16-35mm f4 on D800?

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Re: 16-35mm f4 on D800?

inasir1971 wrote:

I switched from the other brand and tell me about it, the initial cost...

I already have my D800 (no AF issues) and one thing that very quickly became clear is that performance of any lens on another body (most reviews have been done on D700, D3s, or some on D3X) does not equate to performance on the D800. As good reviews for most lenses specifically with the D800 haven't been done, we are really having to go on the experience of others or risk trying it out ourselves.

I have the 14-24 and the 16-35 and am very happy with both, despite the limitations that people have already mentioned which I think are part and parcel of this FL. I suspect if people are reporting that the 17-35 2.8 is good, it probably is. So the tough part is which one suits you best...

I also have the 70-200 VR II and yes that sure was a big chunk of change! But am happy to report that it does indeed perform very well on the D800. I have also evaluated it with the 2.0 TC-E III (the version with the aspherical element). You'll be pleased to know that it does indeed perform well given the following: the combination with the D800 must be fine-tuned properly; diffraction effects are visible at f8 (so you should shoot at f6.7 or f7.1) as you can still recover very fine detail, sharpening levels of 4 with View NX 2 work well. At f8, the combination of the AA filter induced blur and diffraction effects tips the scale. Axial CA is apparent with the TC but handled very well by View NX 2 Axial CA correction set to auto.

I believe the theoretical DLA of the D800/E is f8.3 but that is based on the assumption of (i) a perfect lens and implicitly (ii) no AA filter. In practice, I think diffraction effects are visible on the D800 at f8 - so you may wish to consider that, I would guess that with the D800E diffraction effects start after f8.

I am just upgrading from DX format! Mind you, there was a tripod, ballhead and a couple of studio lights included in my recent purchases. Couldn't imagine changing brands!

Thanks! Well said.

I picked up the TC1.7 and can't believe how well it does on the 70-200.


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