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Re: Received from McBain Camera

YbqR93 wrote:

(Trying to post this again -- must have done something wrong.)

Picked up my D800 today (May 1) from McBain Camera Edmonton. Had ordered Feb. 8 and had been told that I was approx. #20 on the waiting list. Didn't need to pay a deposit, but I've bought stuff from them before. They are getting some D800 bodies in, but their waiting list is growing faster than they are getting cameras. Anyone who hadn't pre-ordered in the first couple of weeks of February will be likely waiting until mid-May/June. Serial number is just under 5001000. Battery is not in the batch that was recalled.

So excited! Just waiting for the battery to charge...

Seems D800s are slowly trickling into McBain Camera. I was on the list for the D800 from McBain too via the Red Deer location, but down around #30ish chain-wide. They had 7 or so come in earlier this week but no phone call.

Not all bad news though - I was close to the top of the D800E list - chain-wide and apparently McBain only received one D800E this week. In a twist of fortune, the number one guy on the list passed on it due to funds being needed for some major travel.

So I got the call late today, paid the man and to make a long story short - I'll no longer have to stew over whether to buy the D800 or D800E.

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