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It's all about vision...

IMO, photography is all about seeing something and then using a camera to capture what we see in all the objective and/or creative ways we choose. In all cases, how we see and how we see through our cameras is simply essential to the process, regardless of our individual approaches.

Now, the fact is that many of us are, in some degree, visually challenged, especially those of us getting advanced in our years. If you are one of us that MUST use corrective lenses of some sort, then you will KNOW just how challenging it can be just to SEE while using our cameras. If you require bi-focals, tri-focals, or even progressive lenses, you experience this issue every single time you use your camera. Live-view is a wonderful thing, but can be extremely frustrating. The camera must be down at waist level to see the screen in focus. This does not work for taking a photo, but is mandatory for reviewing a shot. Try holding your camera at full arms length for taking a live-view shot and you'll find that your screen is now the size of a postage stamp. Well, hopefully you are staring to understand what MANY of us go through daily in taking our photos...

After 8 digital cameras, with five being Canon DSLRs, I can tell you that the ONLY ones I have been able to clearly see and use the LCDs, was with the Sony f-7xx series with the pivoting lens/body. To have an articulating screen on my DSLR would be simply incredible and I have seriously considered selling my 7D and getting a 60D. But I would rather get the 7D's replacement and honestly am rooting for it to have such a screen.

Technology should be about progress and making our tools easier to use and enable us to become even better at the tasks we work hard to improve ourselves through that technology.

Thanks for your time and listening to my opinions, AND needs.
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