Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

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Re: Think about it....

BillyGoatGruff wrote:

I don’t know about you, but I use my cameras in heat and freezing cold. I also tend to keep them for a while, but I don’t take more than a few thousand photos a year (I’ve never had to send in a camera body in for repairs). Because I don’t use them a lot, my cameras last for quite a long time.

How long do you think that tape adhesive is going to last? Maybe it’ll hold indefinitely. Maybe it won’t. But one thing’s for sure, the very fact that a camera that is brought into a variety of environments and temperatures should tell you that something more secure and ‘permanent' than tape is more appropriate.

Are you serious? All the tape is doing is acting as a light shield, which is probably being pushed up against other components anyway. So even if the tape were to "fail", it would not move. There is tape loaded in all types of electronics, not just the 5D3. You are making nothing into a huge deal.

This is like returning a car (if you could) because you found a fix for a noise you heard was a little foam or a squirt of grease. Darn it, they should of done that in the factory! No good!

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