Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

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Re: Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

BillyGoatGruff wrote:

Although I think they should be ashamed of themselves for sticking a piece of black tape to the back of the LCD panel and calling it a bona-fide fix to the light leak defect, I can certainly understand how Canon would do it for the defective units and try to get away with it. There are enough spineless saps out there who are willing to accept anything.

I’m curious, though, as to what Canon is doing for the xxxxx3xxxxx and higher serial numbers. If they plan on manufacturing them with that black tape “fix”, then I’m probably going to pass on the camera altogether.

‘Cause let’s face it: NOBODY who spends $3500 on a camera deserves a product that has a stinking piece of tape inside it like that. A $3500 camera deserves to have PARTS in it. I’m talking about actual parts, i.e. parts designed to properly fit in the camera, and designed to serve a certain purpose. What Canon has done to fix this light leak issue is tantamount to using chewing gum to cover the LCD.

(And for those of you who intend to say “the light leak doesn’t matter anyway”, save it. Even Canon doesn’t agree with you on that one.)

Dude, you're funny. Why don't you take off the wall plates on your electrical out lets in your $200,000 house and see what stands between you and your $200,000 investment going up in flames. Oh my god!!! I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this house, and they have the nerve to use electrical tape. Why your at it, check under the hood of your $30,000 car and see how that electrical system is protected at certain locations. Really, this is comical listening to some people talk about a $3,500 piece of equipment wondering why Canon didn't custom fabricate a gold plated gasket for a light leak. You know what I use to protect against light leaks in my darkroom. Yep, you got it: Tape. It just works. This message brought to you by the national tape council.

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