Heart says X-Pro1, head says OM-D - small essay

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Re: Heart says X-Pro1, head says OM-D - small essay

Yours is not a solitary confusion...You didn’t say how many lenses you have for the GF-1, or how often you use the Canon. (Or, how you feel about using the Canon, for that matter, which I think is an important factor.)

There’s no question that the OMD is more “practical” at least in terms of current lens selection and overall speed of focus, etc. But I think what attracted you to the GF1 is more apparent in the Fuji. Looking at images, I think the Fuji will be at least in the same IQ league as the 5DII, whereas the OMD will be a slight step down. Certainly the OMD would be more similar to shooting with the Canon. Kits for either will be much lighter than the Canon.

If you are keeping the Canon, I think the Fuji would make a better complimentary camera than the OMD. I’m not sure what your photographic background is, but there is something very special about shooting with fixed lenses (not that you couldn’t do that with the OMD—between the 12mm, 20 mm and 45mm there are some lovely primes).

If you are not keeping the Canon, and this will be your main camera, I think it gets more difficult. So much also depends on what your shooting style is—and what you take photos of. I’m REALLY tempted by the Fuji. I don’t know if you have been able to try one out (even at a store counter), but it is a bit quirky at first; but a common consensus among posters that have kept it is that they got to understand it pretty fast. And it’s hard to argue with the images I’ve been seeing.

I’ve reached a point in my life (early 60’s) where I’ve learned to trust my heart. My favorite cameras have almost all been ones that required a bit of work to get good images from. Thanks for posting your question—it’s helped me make up my mind!

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