Panasonic GF3 questions

Started May 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
jquagga Contributing Member • Posts: 616
Re: Panasonic GF3 questions

As another poster mentioned, I've fired a Nissin 466FT in digital slave mode. Digital Slave tends to be the buzzword you are looking for. I know Nissin appears to have it as do the Metz flashes. I don't believe the FL36R has that functionality. It'll only fire as an "analog" slave so will be triggered by the pre flash.

There are a couple of companies making hotshoe pre-flash ignoring triggers which would add the functionality to your FL36R, however their reviews are horrible. The word "unreliable" is all over the place. Neither Metz nor Wein seem to have any options which is a shame because they'd have some of my money if the feature was available.

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