My First Camera: D90 or D7000

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Re: My First Camera: D90 or D7000

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I'm new to this forum and basically new to photography.
Looking to purchase my first DSLR camera, either the D90 or the D7000.
Also looking for advice on lenses.

My main focus is to take photos of cars, and maybe some other objects here and there.

No disrespect but how new to photography? If your experience is a bit of snapshot point and shoot only, then a DSLR can be a frustrating step. The D90/D7000 are full featured DSLR's and it takes a bit of work/understanding to get the full capability from each. That said, if your dedicated to making that jump and putting work into it...then get the D7000 as it will provide a solid 3-5 years with little compromise. Add the Thom Hogan guide and Jeff Revells book "From Snapshots to Great Shots" and you will be on your way. Start with the kit lens 18-105mm and a single 35mm f1.8G and you have all you need to keep you busy for the next 5 years. You could substitute the D90 but it's soon to be three generations old so I'm thinking in terms of relevance 4 years from now vs price. Both bodies will require the same amount of work on your part and both are full featured. What comes out of either has way more to do with you than the camera. Good Luck.

thanks for the advice mako, im fairly new.. mostly just point and shoot cameras. Just want to take it up as a hobby. totally understand it will take time and practise to get use to the camera and get some very nice shots. I've played around with my mates camera, its Canon 600D i think ... and straight away i just knew i wanted a DSLR.

Im currently shopping around for D7000.... but if money gets tight i think ill just be getting a D90.

Thanks again

If that's the case, and your dedicated to eventually producing great photographs, then I stand by my recommendation. A D7000, add the Thom Hogan guide and Jeff Revells book "From Snapshots to Great Shots". Nikon 18-105mm and a single 35mm f1.8G. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Much help can be had here...some BS too but that's the price of admission.

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