VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

Started May 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bob GB Senior Member • Posts: 1,724
There are many versions of the Nikon VR system

Each VR lens has its own unique VR system. The VR lens group will vary in weight and dimension from lens to lens. Therefore the VR system has to be designed particularly for each lens and tuned to work as intended. In addition the functionality varies from lens to lens.

My impression is that Nikon designed the first VR to have 3 shutter speeds slower compensation. When Nikon were able to achieve 4 shutter speeds slower they started to call that VR system for VRII.


“Based on this procedure, vibration reduction effects providing the equivalent of a shutter speed of approx. three (with VR) or four (with VRII) stops faster are confirmed.”

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