What next for the Pen?

Started May 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Innominate New Member • Posts: 6
Restructuring the Pen range and expanding the OM-D range

Some interesting thoughts, guys. I think (hope!) that the new sensor filters down to more basic models but Olympus will have to be careful not to undercut the E-M5. On the other hand Panasonic seem able to keep 4 ranges going so why not Olympus? What I think possibly might happen is that the Pen range will shrink from 3 lines to 2, with the PL/PM ranges merging and a budget version of the E-M5 appearing, E-MLx? Reserving 5 axis IBIS, weatherproofing and 9fps for the E-Mx range should justify it's price/position whilst allowing "lesser" models to benefit from the 16mp sensor, although possibly the integrated PL/PM range might stick at 12mp. I don't think there would be room in the Pens for the new IBIS anyway. What I think we can forget about is a built in EVF in Pen format, it seems that only Sony have the technical miniaturizing capability to achieve that.

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