Looking to step up to a DSLR - need product advice

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Re: Looking to step up to a DSLR - need product advice

Hi folks,

I finally made it to B&H Photo in New York and got my hands on some cameras and lenses. The first thing I'll say outright is I really don't care for the Nikon D5100. The button layout sucks, and there was too much clicking through the menu system to change simple things. The tilt & flip video screen did nothing for me. Next, I must admit I like the D3100 more than I thought I would, and I pin this directly on the presence of the live view switch and the drive mode switch. Third, for some reason my test shots from the D90 at high ISO weren't as sharp as the D300s despite sharing the same sensor (and I think I read as much in a DPR analysis at one point). Unfortunately, the D3200 wasn't available for testing, so that'll have to wait until I can make another trip.

Also, I liked shooting with Sony Alphas, but the menu system on those cameras is abysmal. The Canons were nice, but something felt... off. I really couldn't quite put my finger on why that was. Some of them (the T2i and T3i especially) just felt odd in my hands (the lower-end Alphas gave me the same feeling). It probably didn't help my perception when I realized none of the lenses within my financial reach were all that great.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my experiences and let you know I'm probably going with a Nikon. The advice I received at the store was that I shouldn't feel bad about going low-end on a Nikon because I could probably get at least a few years out of it before moving onto a proper mid-range camera (D7000), and the lenses are pretty solid performers regardless of what body they're attached to.

Thanks for your time and your words. I appreciate your help.

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