Manufacturers - stop limiting video to < 30 minutes for rest of globe outside EU!

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Re: They can't, and here's why...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

I think it's never going to happen, for one simple reason.

Right now, there's nothing, at all, keeping you from installing US firmware on an EU camera, and circumventing the limits. In order to enforce what you describe, there'd have to be a "lockout" system, so cameras loaded with EU firmware could never accept anything other than signed EU firmware, ever again.

There'd have to be additional part numbers, packaging, manuals, etc. for the EU path cameras, too.

Of course it could be done quite easily. Cell phone manufacturers have been doing things like that for a decade if not longer. They even have custom firmwares for different carriers (especially in the US, the promised land of restrictive and bullying carries). Cameras do have quite a lot lower volumes than cell phones, so perhaps that prevents camera manufacturers from doing so.

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