Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

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Re: Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

No new technology works perfectly. Technology that has evolved over dozens of years is still not perfect. Hardware, software, cars, even the NASA space shuttle is prone to defects in manufacturing and design. Commercial airlines (probably the most sophisticated machine on the earth) are choc full of issues and need constant repair and maintenance to keep them running.

How perfect are people? Humans are prone to all sorts of physical mental capability defects and disease. People make mistakes and serious ones - so do we discount them and say - no thanks - forget you.

How perfect of a picture are photographers producing after dozens years of photographic experience - not even close. Images go from magnificent to total garbage. So what - everyone is learning. I started shooting when I was 8 years old, and shot my first function (a communion) at 9 - I'm in my 30's now - and still learning and making mistake. I shot video in between for 16 years - everything from VHS through XDCAM - still made mistakes.

Expecting perfection for a measly $3500 from a company that manufacturers hundreds of thousands of products is a highly unreasonable expectation.

If Canon created a fabric and adhesive "part" called a light seal and put a canon logo in the corner and called it part LS-100 and provided a box and instructions it would be a "part". Oh ya - gaffer tape is the exact same thing - now it sucks? Productization doesn't make something a solution. Point out the defect and report it - that is the end of it. If the defect makes shooting impossible or highly risk Canon will recall or refund your money - I guarantee it. They know this issue is not a big deal and personally I couldn't agree more.

I for one highly commend Canon and Nikon alike for their intense passion for creating beautiful technology that gives us the capability to enjoy photography and for many earn a living doing what they enjoy. In light of tsunami's, floods and earthquakes they continue to deliver as fast as the can and we should appreciate it.

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