D7000 vs D800

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D7000 vs D800

These two cameras actually seem very similar to me. A lot of the same features, the same pixel density, same ISO range.

One is FX and has a lot more pixels, the other is DX and has a lot more speed.

Am I missing something, is that all that really makes them different?

I own a D3 and I love it, but I'm going travelling this summer for three months and I'm dreading the weight of the big body, especially if I take a big lens like the 24-70/2.8. So I was thinking of getting a smaller/lighter body to use as an alternative, and I've narrowed it down to these two choices if I do (or, if I take the D3, I'm thinking of going with just my 20/50 lenses).

If I get the D800, I think I'll miss the speed. If I get the D7000, I'll miss the full frame. I'm really indecisive about this!

D800 would rock in terms of the incredible detail, but at the same time years of digital photography has taught me beautiful, huge prints can be made from just 6MP and all those pixels of the D800 aren't really needed.

At the same time the D7000, being the exact same pixels as the D4, might make a good pairing with that camera, if I eventually upgrade to it - to have 16MP in DX for telephoto work and 16MP in FX for wide angle action.

Of course, if I really want to pair two cameras with the same pixels, I should get a D700, which would match my D3, but I can't stomach the idea of putting down $2000 for a three-year-old camera.

That was a long rant! What do you think? Would the D7000 make a good alternative for travel, especially if I use it with my 24-70/2.8? And would it be a good pairing with the D4? Or, besides the pixels and FX, is there something important I'm missing out on with respect to the D800?


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