any way to save time on blemishes?

Started May 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
cspringer Forum Pro • Posts: 19,632

Here is an old tut I came up with...just one of many ways but this one isn't blurring the skin. Follow the shortcut steps in the link. Basically, you are adding a Red Channel Layer in Luminosity mode, adding a black mask and painting out the problems. Next you add a Levels or Curves LAYER to make luminosity adjustments. It should take less than a minute when you know the steps.

theguyny wrote:

I do in hospital newborn photos and a large percent of the babies have severe blemishes. I use spot healing tool, skin softening via nik, and clone stamp tool. I only use clone stamp and spot healing in normal mode, im not too sure about the other modes offered. Can someone tell me if there is a more efficient way for editing these babies?

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