Lightroom RC 4.1 (2)

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Re: Lightroom RC 4.1 (2)

HDProman wrote:

When I move the cursor from the Library grid view to the Folders List in the left hand panel the cursor picks up and locks on to the horizontal double headed arrow used to change panel width. It doesn't change to the normal cursor as it should. Anyone else seeing this and know about a solution?

I think the bug has been there since LR4.0, certainly 4.1RC1.

On my machine, it doesn't actually lock. What seems to happen is that the cursor picks up the double-arrow cursor as you move over the boundary between the centre window and the folder window (correctly, as you can drag the boundary between the two areas left or right), but then when you move past, it doesn't always realise when you've moved away from the boundary drag area, and so doesn't always revert to normal cursor. Next time you move over anything with a special cursor then it will pick up that cursor and start behaving properly again.

Annoying, but not a major problem on my machine.

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