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Re: Engagements

Do you mind posting the PP version?

amolitor wrote:

Uh, for the B&W of the two of them looking at the camera, I just whacked it with a curves setting for the value, pushing things down a bit at about 20% and up a bit less at maybe 66% (so, push the lower tones down a bit, and the higher end of the mid-tones up a bit, using a smooth curve so you don't push anything off the ends) and it looks better, to my eye. The teeth might just be blown out, but that's ok, people like white teeth!

Pushing the high mid-tones up a bit more gives a kind of a high-key look.

There's still a basic problem that the light is simply very diffuse, so there's no modeling at all, really, so there's no way to shake all of the "flat" appearance. Also, pushing the tones around like this is something you pay for, you lose some of the smoothness of tonal variation in the mid-tones.

They're very very pretty people, which makes up for a host of sins.

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