Angry Canon Shooters

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Re: Angry Canon Shooters

benjaminblack wrote:

Ok, let me re-phrase, why would a major photographer in the industry, who is known for using both systems, hate the D800?

You guys still won't care, but it confounds me and I would love to hear any conceivable explanations.

In my opinion, shooting both systems doesn't preclude brand preference. His reluctance to admit to advantages of the D800 that are now almost universally acknowledged ("a bit more dynamic range in the D800", "a bit more detail in the high ISOs") reminds me of a cars salesman trying to get you to buy that other, more expensive car. I realize he's not selling cameras but why go through the trouble of acquiring a camera that "as [he] originally expected, it just doesn’t make sense to [him]" only to give it a bad review. The whole article reeks of bias.

Just my $.02 opinion.

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