D800 - Left AF issue - Update - Part II

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Re: Foot in mouth :)

Steve Ridges wrote:

I have to eat my previous comment. After shooting my D800 with my 24-70 at 70mm at f/4 last night, I was able to see softness on the LCD when using the left sensors in some regular landscapes shots. Because of this, I decided to set up my lens align to do some formal tests.

With every lens, the left sensors backfocus. with my 70-200 VR1 and 105, I was able to use AF tuning to find a setting where left, center, and right, all had acceptable focusing (even though the DOF using the left sensor was further back). With my 17-35 and 24-70, I never could get all 3 sensors acceptable.

Since this was visible in a regular landscape with a barn on the left where I had my focus point, it's moved from the realm of obscure corner case to affecting my every day shooting. I apologize to others for not giving the matter the weight it deserved and will now have to hope/wait for a solution like the rest of you.

Steve, I for one appreciate you posting your findings and how it affects you with your shooting style. In particular I noticed you used the same technique as me, pushing the centre to the very front of the DOF, to try and draw in the outer sensor points. I pretty much got there with every lens but couldn't quite pull of 1.4 at 50mm or zoomed out at 12mm on the 12-24. See my post here:-


It looks like the solution will be to get Nikon to re-calibrate the focal points on the camera. This is a software calibration not a hardware one. To do this, the service centres apparently need new software from Nikon that allows them to calibrate the leftmost, centre and rightmost points individually. The "theory" is that the rest of the points are then interpolated. In the meantime, you may want to spend more time refining the optimal AF Tune settings. I wasted over 2500 shots on this whole debacle. Of course that is just over 1% of the usable life of the shutter so hardly a big deal...but still very frustrating in time and effort.

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