2 days with a D800 - love/hate/love relationship

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2 days with a D800 - love/hate/love relationship

I had the privilege to spend 2 days with my friend's D800 while he was out of action after minor surgery. ('lawn mowing incident'... ROFL)

I won't go into all the stuff everyone has mentioned before, rather just give my take on this awesomely awful camera. No. Wait. Awesomely awful me....

I loved it when I got my hands on it. Yes, it was too small for my hands (I used a D2x till now), I winced at the pop-up flash, blabla bla..... But the speed and accuracy of the AF, the BIG bright viewfinder (Again, coming from a D2x), the tons of USEFUL settings, it blew me away. (I can totally understand anyone coming from a D3 or D700 being less overwhelmed..)

Spent one day taking pictures, came back and nearly cried... They were rubbish. Extremely sharp, superbly exposed, ridiculously detailed rubbish.

It wasn't the camera, it was me. I was being careless, I was being laid back. And it slapped me on the wrist for it like I was a little schoolboy...

And my once ample 4GB CF cards only hold 50 shots each in lossless-compressed 14 bits RAW...

And then it dawned on me that this was the camera that will force me to squeeze every bit of skill, patience and talent out of myself to do it justice. It takes me back to shooting my old RB67. That kind of mindset is needed.

So, I will not upgrade my CF cards. If 100 shots on 2 cards don't do the trick, delete the rubbish and try harder. Use the money for a decent tripod. Think before you shoot. Twice. Improve my technique, my patience, my eye for color and composition. Learn, improve, work hard.
I'm falling in love with what this camera is asking me to become.

So there it is. I want one because it will mercilessly show my my shortcomings as a "photographer". It will push me, ridicule me, laugh behind my back, tell its friends how rubbish I am and then twitter about it...
But at some point it will culminate in a truly awesome picture.

Challenge accepted.!

I've just now joined the long queue. To those in line before me, good luck, use your time to brush up on whatever you need to brush up on

I'll certainly need whatever months it takes for my D800 to arrive to get up to par with it.

"Ask not what your camera can do for you, but what you must do for your camera"
I'll print that on a t-shirt, mug and mouse-pad as a reminder.

Nikon D2X Nikon D3 Nikon D700 Nikon D800
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