What makes a good B&W photo???

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Re: What makes a good B&W photo???


Here is a list of subjects which do not evoke B&W in me - naturally i see them color and stay with color :

Fruits / food, macros of bugs on leaves and flowers, most animals (but see Silent above!), late cloudy nights, the sea at night, the sky at night - basically most night shots. Macros of Flowers. Dark streets at night. Sunrises and sunsets - the shots of them. Very grey skies / with rain

And the list ends here for me .. cannot thing of much more.. Everything else though, i can see perfectly fit for B&W, not losing, but often gaining from the conversion, due to the following "risks" in color :

the distraction message, emotion, and timelessness by the color, the lack of contrast, the noise and blotching / banding of high ISO, the obstruction of light and form by color and its luminosity, the improper WB which calls objection in the brain.

Revisiting contrast as a basic requirement for good B&W .. Not sure anymore after seeing many works here, which made me sit and take note : photomoment.bg

What do you say ?


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