mexico/cancun area - what to shoot, and is it safe!

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Re: mexico/cancun area - what to shoot, and is it safe!

As others have mentioned, Yucatan is so seperated from the rest of Mexico that it really doesn't have much in common with it - the 'crime' problems are mostly happening along the northern border with the US, and down the west and southern Pacific coasts, and a little bit bleeding into the central mountains. The Yucatan has rarely had the drug cartel violence, and it's been a while since the rebel seperatist groups have been active down near the Guatemla border and from the roads out of Yucatan towards Veracruz And Tuxtla.

Cancun, also as mentioned, is pretty much like Las Vegas or Disney World - it's a tourist land full of ultra-mega resorts and hotels, restaurants, bars, high-end shops, etc. You'll encounter more Mexicans in California than in safety is not a worry, but culture is not something you're going to find much of. Merida is indeed a lovely town, much more 'authentic' Mexico - it still has a lot of tourists running through it and remains quite safe - even a lot of expats live there now...but it isn't a resort-built town like Cancun.

You can travel throughout most of the Yucatan without any real problems at all, other than possible petty theft of the type you could get anywhere in the world...only as you get near the Guatemala border and the far south towns below the rainforests does it get a little seedy and dangerous for a tourist.

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