VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

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Re: VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

Nikon itself does a lot to contribute to the confusion. Basically the first version of VR provides 3 stops of stabilization, and VR II 4 stops. But, some lenses that have 4 stops don't have VR II in their names, only VR. I guess that's because the lenses went from having no VR to having the second generation of VR.

Bottom line: you have to do some research on the lenses and read the description on the Nikon website. For the 70-300, it has the VR II system but the official name is VR.
(clear as mud, I hope!)

RBFresno wrote:


There is almost always a lot of misinformation on threads regarding VR "I" vs "II".

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