CT Law says cops personally liable for camera arrests?

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Nothing to fear indeed

Wubslin wrote:

Nonsense. If you've done nothing wrong, you've nothing to fear.

Correct. Cops who are doing nothing wrong have nothing to fear from a citizen with a camera at reasonable distance. It is no crime to take pictures in a public place or on your own property. A person with a camera will not "interfere" with law enforcement any more than a person without one, at the same distance. Law enforcement does not require (or even permit) that people with badges or press IDs be the exclusive witnesses of events. Attorneys and reporters have been chasing crime or accident scenes for decades without any particular high moral scruples., other than to get a client or scoop. A neighbor with a humble P&S might be less aggressive, in that regard, when it comes to sticking cameras in people's faces. In some cases, citizen photos or video of an event can serve the side of the police, if other witnesses allege that police started trouble, and a video shows that was not the case. Some protestors often try to provoke police, and groups of them will claim the cops hit a peaceful assembly, while video that shows the protestors rushing at police or throwing things can exculpate the cops.

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