VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

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Re: VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

VR II is usually gold
and VR I is usually red.

unless it's something like 18-55mm or 18-105mm kit lens... those two will have gold being the first kit lenses with VR

bertair wrote:

I am looking at picking up used 70-300 Nikon Lenses and see some advertised with photos. The VR lenses clearly show the red "VR" on the lens barrel.

But some that claim to be VR2, I cannot see any markings other than the red "VR".

Is there some other marking that I should be looking for to ensure it is a VR2, or if it doesn't have a red VR2, then it isn't a VR2.?

I think that if I am paying a few $$$ dollars for a lens that will probably last me a long,long time, I want to make sure it is a later one with VR2.

Alternatively what are the best places for price, to pick up a new Nikon lens on line ?

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