I think my d800 has the AF issues too....i think

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Re: I think my d800 has the AF issues too....i think

andrew_london wrote:

My D800 has exactly the same issue. It is now with Nikon Germany and they said that they will get a software to calibrate each AF point at the end of this week. A week earlier they said that they need to wait for Nikon headquarters to advise how to fix it and maybe the software is the key. The technician admitted that they've had complaints about this problem but he ruled out a general production fault (what else should he have said). I will report back as soon as the camera has arrived and really hope that they will be able to calibrate it.

Sounds like you got more information there than I have seen elsehwere. I know another poster referred to calibrating each focus point, but I think we assumed this was already a feature that Nikon always had.

However, what I was able to find out from a camera service guy (and this is not verified), is that at the factory that some models of camera have no factory calibration , relying totally on manufacturing tolerances, and for those that do, only the centre point is calibrated. The tolerances in manufacturing of the focus sensor array assume that all focal points are in alignment with each other and parallel to the plane and don't need individual tuning. In some cases people have noticed front-focusing of the right side, and back-focusing of the left, indicating alignment error. In other cases, like mine, both sides back-focus but the left is worse, indicating a distortion in the focus unit itself (if it is indeed a hardware issue).

Either way, aligning individual points is very time consuming and will certainly cost a lot of time and effort for returned cameras.

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