Olympus E-M5 Dynamic Range beats also full frame DSLR's ?

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Re: Different methods

Vlad S wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

DPReview does not mention DR at all.


DPReview does not look at the signal and noise per se, but rather at the image of a grayscale strip. If the difference between the two adjacent black is visible, then the DR reaches to that point.

I think DPReview's is a more useful test in practice, because this is a measurement that's closer to the camera use in the field.

Except for any purpose which you would need DR. DPReview's test finds (roughly) the tonal range in an ex-camera JPEG developed at defaults. The attraction of a camera with high DR is the options that it gives you when you don't want to use in-camera defaults. For judging that, DPR's test is useless.

It's not any purpose, it's one purpose. Olympus is clearly on the path to make RAW completely redundant, and, in particular, the gradation options, and now in-camera tonal curve adjustment make the DPReview's measurement extremely useful to anyone who doesn't mind shooting in JPEG.

No, it is still any purpose for which you would be interested in DR. Lets suppose you are right and Olympus succeeds in making raw redundant. That would mean, presumably that they can satisfy all your presentation style desires with in-camera processing (doesn't really cover the case where you change your mind, but never mind). The amount of scene tonal range that the camera can represent in the JPEG would need to be a user choice, not a default, and the amount of choice the camera gives depends on the raw DR. Doing as DPR does and testing the default JPEG tonal range tells you little.

And many JPEG shooters actually flock to Olympus because of it's JPEG engine reputation.

Sure, and others just read their old camera's manual and learn how to crank up the contrast, saturation and sharpening.

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