Which MacBook Pro for Lightroom 4

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Re: Which MacBook Pro for Lightroom 4

Totally agree. LR4 is still a work-in-progress at Adobe. Not stable enough to make a logical recommendation - other than simply max the HW up to your budget.

e.g. - in 4.1RC2, Adobe has moved basic Develop module loupe rendering to a background processor thread, so that they can decouple the user-interface slider movement from the underlying image processing.

Means if I was considering new HW for it, right now I would not go below a 4-core with 8GB. Prob also look seriously to SSD to lighten the LR catalog database read/writing which is constantly going in the background on as you make image adjustments.

In reality though I would just wait until LR4.x stabilises after the proper commercial release of 4.1 or even 4.2, and keep checking Adobe forums to see how things are for other users.

Since you are using dual-display (at least I presume you are working in dual-display mode), you do really need the max system you can get, i.e. max multi-cores and max GBs.


I am a long-time LR user since LR2. 80k images in catalog. I am using a MBP 2009 dual-core 3GHz 17" 1920x1200, with 8GB RAM, 7200RPM HDD, and an external 2560x1600 NEC display, and working on 24MP RAWs and some psds in LR.

LR4.1RC2 is currently unusable for me - that Loupe rendering thread never stops and the MBP keeps it's cooling fans running and CPU use real high. That's clearly something wrong (=bug) in RC2, but just says to me LR4 is not a stable product yet. Went back to LR4.1RC1 which is usable - i.e. doesn't cook my MBP - but slow, esp in dual monitor mode.

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