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I see 2 stops, too

I shoot strictly RAW, and my judgements are strictly subjective. My standard is the "speed limit." In other words, what's the maximum ISO I'd feel okay shooting at? With the Mk II, 6400 was it, and even then, it was marginal.

Take a look at these from the Mk III:

ISO 20000. Shot under sodium vapor lighting. The image was nearly a monochrome yellow when I imported it into LR. I was able to reasonably color correct it without any of the blotchiness I'd expect from earlier cameras.

A little more stylized color. Again, I'm able to push these files a lot more than I could files from my previous cameras.

ISO 20000. Available light; mostly sodium vapor or fluorescent.

ISO 10000. Available street light.

ISO 50000. Available light. For me, the big surprise is how vivid the color is. The image quality is starting to get marginal here, but in many ways, it makes me think of 3200 on my 20D.

ISO 10000. Available light with fill flash. I consider the image quality of this image to be very high. At 100%, the grain structure reminds me of 400 speed film.

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