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Re: Lens for Disney World trip - Long

Given the fact that you would like to appear in the photos, I would bring your kit lens and set the camera to auto when handing off to others. I loved Disney and visited several times when my children were younger, but the photography didn't seem to require specialized lenses.

I shouldn't make assumptions about the roller coaster-riding abilities of your group's members, but I don't think you will need the reach of a zoom to capture Thunder Mt and Splash Mt as they come into sight around the turns. (I took my son on those two when he had just turned four and he never forgave me.) The mix of ages of our groups suggests you will spend more time on Pooh and Pan than Space Mt.

I rarely took photos inside the dark rides b/c we wanted to experience the moment. I do recall turning around and shooting a fun shot of family members in the car behind us on Buzz Lightyear, but Disney gets those rides going almost as soon as you are strapped in, so there isn't time for photography. (Love the efficiency of their operations; Fast Pass is brilliant.) There are just tons and tons of iconic shots throughout the parks where you can pose everyone and take a fully-lit photo. Having the 35 1.8 with you for night time visits would be helpful and that lens weighs almost nothing. That lens might allow you to capture a photo of someone on Dumbo while the fireworks shoot off in the background.

One non-photography suggestion: bring a stroller with you even for your four year old. I had my boys in the McLaren double umbrella and it was so helpful. There is a lot of ground to cover at these parks and allowing them to sit to be wheeled was wonderful.

Have fun, and master Fast Pass!

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