Just got the EM5. WOW!

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Re: Just got the EM5. WOW!

netsurfr wrote:

Update - ...I'm certainly keeping this baby and now looking at some nice fast primes for it. I think I'll start w/ the PL 25MM 1.4 & the 45MM 1.8 (although the 45mm may be to close to the Canon FD 50MM 1.4).

I think if you A/B test the 45/1.8 against your 50/1.4-FD you'll buy the 45/1.8 in a heartbeat and neglect your 50/1.4-FD. I find most vintage/legacy film-era fast primes need to be stopped down at least one stop, sometimes two, to eliminate CA/purple fringing, minimize flare and to sharpen up nicely. Don't get me wrong, I got a ton of 'em, but if I'm shooting in color and in bright light I'm stopping down to f/2 or f/2.8, losing the speed and bokeh, and still having to deal with the size/weight of the lens/adapter rig, not to mention manually focusing.

The 45/1.8 is a jewel, very reasonably sharp wide-open, fast (auto)focusing. No contest. Of course you can't buy it for $30 + $30/adapter.

Enjoy the EM5, you're still in a somewhat elite club. Someday there may actually be EM5 inventory just sitting on retailer shelves waiting for purchasers...

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