Zeiss... why the love? Performance or just respect for the brand?

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Need to see the difference with your own two eyes

On rare occasion when I have worked with exceptional lenses the resulting prints were mind altering. It was as if I had been looking through a haze and the haze was lifted and the feeling was that you could walk into the picture. Words cannot adequately describe the difference between the truly remarkable optics from Leica, Pentax MF, Zeiss and the rest of the glass commonly in use.

With these few lenses a 35mm or MF camera can rival a 4x5 or 8x10 viewfinder camera print. This presupposes in part that the photographer is able to make good use of the superior optics and produce a superior image and print.

Unfortunately there are few opportunities to view the prints first hand and computer monitors at 72ppi are of no use in this regard nor are lab test results.

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