So I've got this new Epson R3000

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Re: So I've got this new Epson R3000

backayonder wrote:

Whilst the two prints I have done so far are stunning I have a question.

I have purchased a Canson Infinity Fine Art Photo Discovery pack to try out and I have the profiles installed which I can access when I click on print in Photoshop CS5

So I'm wondering with the correct profile installed and selected why is it that when I click on "PRINT SETTINGS" - Main

The only media type I can see is Epson?

Am I wrong to assume that I should be able to select the Canson media type here?

Yes, you are wrong. The profile only deals with color, the media setting deals with the more gross paper settings, like texture, thickness, ink saturation, amount of ink to lay down, etc.

You should be able to find the correct media type to choose from bottom of this page: print it out and keep it handy:

Brian A

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