X100 - I understand the Love/Hate (more Love!) thing...

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X100 - I understand the Love/Hate (more Love!) thing...

Hey All,

Got the camera last night. Charged my batteries up, updated the firmware and set to work playing with it. But of course, today was the first real leave-the-house test. You don't need to see photos of my cat and my dining room table

One thing I don't like (and feel free to tell me if I'm doing something wrong)... the EVF doesn't change much, and/or isn't always accurate with regards to exposure. It does seem better in SPOT mode, but in the other two modes it often looks a bit too dark. It also seems slow to refresh the view. Is this how it works or have I got something wrong here?

Another question: If shooting in auto-ISO how do you override it? I have the FN button set for ISO, so can I simply change it there?

The autofocus seems okay to me, no real issues with that so far. I've taken to switching between AFS (shutter) and MF (AFL/AEL button) depending on the subject. Is it blazing fast? No (but we all know that already). Is it a deal-breaker? Not for me. It's fast enough.

I'm ASTOUNDED and AMAZED at the quality of the image files. Beautiful! This is where all the love comes in and makes all the little "issues" easy to deal with and work around. I also LOVE the size of the camera, its virtual silence-ness and the built-in ND filter. Ergonomics seem great so far to me too (though maybe I'd like the RAW button up next to the AFL/AEL button a little better.

I'm not convinced on the 35mm FOV yet... but that's more a personal thing. I love 35mm on my M8, but that's effectively 45mm so true 35 seems just a tad wide. Even on my film camera I shoot a 40mm lens. However, I also know that just because I'm not used to something doesn't mean I can't learn to love it. I know part of the beauty of the X100 is that the lens is optimized to the body, but wouldn't it have been nice if Fuji had done a tri-elmar kind-of thing, where you could snap between 35, 50 and 75mm in the one lens?

Haven't really played much with the OVF yet... not sure why. As someone who also shoots Pentax K-5 and Leica M8, you'd think that would be where I started!

So here's a couple of shots from today...

Thanks for reading and looking!


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