Hating the X 1 Pro.

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Re: Hating the X 1 Pro.

The XP1 is not overpriced. If it were, no one would buy it. It's not the same kind of camera as the MKII either. Might be too expensive for your tastes, but it's as equally and ignorant assumption that it's overpriced for others, despite you proclaiming it as such. When you include the value of the lenses, that argument gets stretched even further.

hellocrowley wrote:

I'm sorry but that's quite an ignorant assumption you made there, unless you were purposely trying to insult people.

I had no problem paying $6000 for my two 1Ds mk2 in 2008, one of which I left on M mode all the time for flash shooting. People who bought the XP1 are NOT PS upgraders. Most are DSLR "downgraders", that's for sure. Here, I'm comparing the value of a 5Dmk2 to an XP1, I dont know where you got the "full auto mode" vibe from. If you were talking about the "cool" 5D video feature, yes, professionals used it to film a popular TV show.

Btw, what's the pro workflow you talked about that I dont know of?

LaFonte wrote:

I think people who see the xpro1 overpriced did expect something else, probably they think of simplicity and accessibility of PS with DSLR image quality. In that case it is overpriced and inadequate, but also completely wrong category.

It is more build for pro workflow than say any enthusiastic cam like my Sony A55 which is build on the idea that quite large number of people will very likely try to use it in full auto.

The xpro1 is build with an idea that large number will actually try to use it in some form of semi-auto, semi manual mode.
Even the design is very utilitarian instead if being flashy.
Seriously, this type of equipment does cost money, always did...

I just sold my professional hd video cam, that cost me like $8000 while it has absolutely none of the "cool" features of any $1000 hd video cam in the store. But it has what it needs to have, solid image quality and accessible controls with the full understanding that the rest is a consumer fluff and not needed. The xpro1 is exactly the same thing.

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