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James Van Artsdalen Regular Member • Posts: 319
Adorama isn't hoarding

Inventory costs money and takes space. I would not want to have to explain to Adorama's president why a D4 or D800 sat in the warehouse overnight and neither would any Adorama employee: it's a safe bet that every D4 or D800 that arrives on the loading dock goes back out to a customer that very day, especially the D4.

I've had both a D4 and a D800 on order since within a few hours of them appearing on Adorama's web site. I'd bet money - or both cameras - that the only reason they haven't shipped is because Adorama hasn't gotten enough units to get to me on the waiting list.

Fortunately I have more of a life than to make me get worked up over a camera, Get out, enjoy the sunshine, make some friends, and be confident that your camera will ship the very same minute it would if you instead sat tense and frustrated at your computer refreshing the order status every five minutes.

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