No More FL-50R?

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Re: Is the wireless mode a line-of-sight deal?

Michael Meissner wrote:

LouCioccio wrote:

From B&H website, from looking at close up it looks like a small round flash in the center to act as commander but I would assume its the same line of sight un like Canon new Flash but that lists at 600$ US.

No, the light in the middle is for shooting videos, and it is on all of the time when you turn it on. For the DSLRs, they used to have a red focus assist light there, but the micro 4/3rds cameras don't support the focus assist light.

You need to use the pop-up flash on cameras that have a pop-up flash, or included clip on flash on the E-PL3, E-PM1, E-M5 to act as the controller. Unlike Canon or Nikon, you cannot use the larger flashes as master.

The FL-600R can be used as a controller too, but so far only on the E-M5. With that combination, getting "line of sight" should be trivial using an omni-bounce or similar.

And I believe the LED takes over from the focus assist light on the E-M5 as well.

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