After firmware 1.01: changes we'd like to see

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Re: After firmware 1.01: changes we'd like to see

1. configurable slowest shutter speed under auto-iso, you are right.
2. add peaking mode.

3. improve AF, I can live with the speed but the AF sometimes doesn't lock under scenes that I dont think they are challenging.
4. any chance to fix the EVF lag and feezing?

dzeanah wrote:

It's possible Fuji pays attention to these sorts of threads. Now that the lens chattering is gone I thought it might be helpful to revisit the issues that can be fixed in firmware.

I'd like to see the following:

  • Make auto-iso configurable. In a perfect world we'd be able to set ISO up to 6400 (or higher, but since 12,800 is JPEG mode only there are likely issues with going higher), and determine our own minimum shutter speed.

  • Make minor changes to manual focus mode. I'd like to see the corrected AF target in the display, and I'd like the frame lines move appropriately once focus has been achieved.

I've left out minor gripes (why doesn't the OK button select the new AF point? Why doesn't the camera let me select the fastest shutter speeds when shooting raw, even if it needs to switch itself to JPEG while at that speed, then back to raw when I move back to something reasonable?) because I can just work around them. These two bullet points would make the camera much more usable IMO.

What would everyone else like to see changed?

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